When is the right time to get intimate with your partner?

Often people confuse intimacy with sexual intercourse which is totally inappropriate. Intimacy is not necessarily a synonym for the physical closeness or the romance between two people. It is surely above it.

Intimacy is how close you can be with someone on emotional levels. It is a bond you share with another person that you both cherish a lot. It can be with anyone, a friend, family member, or a special loved one. If you can talk non stop without the fear of being judged with someone, you can call it intimacy. If you feel safe and comfortable with someone, that is definitely intimacy. If you can share your thoughts, emotions and your darkest feelings with someone trustfully and with easy, it is intimacy.

Intimacy plays an important role in a relationship. It intensifies the love two people share by strengthening the bond between them. It brings two people so close that the connection they share is unbreakable and rare. It builds an attachment that helps them to grow together, emotionally as well as physically. It makes them care about each other more and in a way appreciate each other’s existence in their lives.

As far as love life is concerned, intimacy can be classified into two categories: emotional and physical. Both of these are of immense importance as they help in developing compassion, affection and trust.

Emotional intimacy is basically a faithful feeling your partner has for you. It is difficult to gain that much amount of trust from one to be become emotionally intimate. What is the right time to be emotionally intimate with your partner?

Emotional intimacy is rare to achieve in the early stages of a relationship. It is a long process that requires patience and stability. When you have spent a certain amount of time with your partner and are familiar with general parts of your life, you accomplish the first stage. When you feel your partner is more interested in having conversations about past, family or something personal, it is kind of benchmark that you have gained. It is then when both of you are willingly able to get intimate with each other and trust me that is the most rare and beautiful feeling ever. It portrays that both of you have equal faith in each other and are ready to understand, support and trust each other completely.

Physical intimacy on the other hand is not as difficult to achieve as emotional intimacy. After your partner completely trusts you, it is time you can initiate the romantic closeness between the two of you. It will not only remove the gap but also enhance your relationship in a heartwarming manner. Do not forget to keep a check on the fact that initiate the physical intimacy only if your partner feels more than comfortable and safe with you.

Intimacy is the backbone of a relationship and accomplishing it is a deep soulful achievement in itself!

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