Simple Solutions for making your Married Life Beautiful

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Since its Spouslr’s first blog let’s start with a bit of introduction and then I’ll share a little cheat code to a happy married life for all our readers. Spouslr is an online dating app for all the single Muslims out there looking for love. It aims at bringing destined people together and contribute to the start of something beautiful through its online dating app for Muslims. Spouslr is originally a dating app based in London, UK however it is planning on expanding its reach to Muslims all around the Globe including Arab Countries.

Anyway, let’s get to the main topic of the Blog and that is “Simple Solutions for making your Married Life Beautiful”. Remember the first time you met your better half? Was it like one of those fairytale moments where everything in the background fades away and the only thing that exists is you and your partner? Or it was a friendship first and the romance eventually blossomed? 

Regardless of how it began nothing can really prepare you for marriage but a marriage. It may be the most difficult thing in your life or it may be the best thing in your life, I am guessing it was likely both and that is the beauty of marriage, it is designed that way. I believe marriage is not about being happy in fact it is about growing up together.

With this in mind here’s the 5 C’s to make your marriage beautiful and healthy, regardless of how it began.


Sharing similar interests, goals, dreams and having some sort of connection between the two is how you define chemistry. While this is not a necessity, it does provide a foundation for many things in marriage, such as travel, vacations, hobbies and other commitments both separately and together. If you didn’t have chemistry, the relationship will be short-lived – so those of you who think you have nothing in common with your spouse after many years of marriage, look again because it’s probably there.


Here’s the second secret in line for marriage, communication occurs all the time. In fact, you can not not communicate (I realize English majors may cringe at the double negative, but the point is important). Everything you say and don’t say communicates something. Everything you do or don’t do says something as well. Communication problems in marriage don’t occur because you can’t communicate, they happen because you don’t like the message! In order to master this area of marriage shift your focus to learning how to handle the message and know that listening is also an important part of the communication. Listening to what your partner has to say holds as much important as speaking your mind in front of them.


A key ingredient of any marriage is commitment. Without commitment, your marriage will surely fall apart. Incidentally, want to know the hack to a lasting marriage? Two people who choose to stay married. That’s it. Make the choice to stick out through the rough spots. If you believe your marriage isn’t worth fighting for maybe that’s because you haven’t fought for it, something’s only worth fighting for after you’ve fought for it.


Laughter really is good medicine. Humour is an outstanding reparative aspect for marriage, as well as a great connector. Having the ability to laugh with your spouse, whether this laughter is about something external or about yourself and your relationship.

Cycles of a Relationship

There are natural rhythms in every relationship. Did you realize that the most synchronous human relationship, between mother and infant, is only in synchrony 1/3rd of the time? Cut both of you some slack when things just seem “off” between you. Take the time and space to work on your contribution to the relationship rather than worrying about your partner’s contribution.

Spouslr online dating app When you increase your awareness of the “C’s” in marriage, you increase the potential of your relationship – both for you and your partner.