How to deal with relationship fights?

deal with relationship fights

Relationships are like an unending support from the person you love the most. It makes you feel alive and helps you in getting through any hurdle or obstacle easily. It is a connection where without even uttering a single word, you manage to interpret everything. You have that one partner who understands you no matter what and manages to make you smile at your lowest moments. That unbreakable bond is always by your side to make sure that you are doing fine and keeping well.


But at times, this bond which is your life saver needs a life saver itself. There are times when you have to face some hardships in your relationship with your partner. For a while, things do not flow in your favourable direction. Certain moments make it difficult for you to be understanding and supportive. Your relationship encounters dull and low phases where you and your partner indulge into fights and arguments leading to chaos, muddle and mess.


At this point, it is essential to keep hold on things very wisely. This will be the lasting test of your relationship. The way you handle this phase will decide whether your relationship can overcome these hardships or not. It can either be a breaking point or making point for your relationship.


Now the question arises: How to deal with these hardships so as to get past them?


Firstly, calm down and identify the origin of the problem. Instead of discussing stupid stuff and extending the fight try to focus on what the problem is and how did it begin.

Playing blame games with each other is a waste. Try to accept that there is a fifty percent chance that you might be at fault. Even if you are not, do not directly blame it on your partner. Try to make him or her understand with patience.

Communication in such situations can do wonders. People who openly communicate their feelings during hard times go a long way together. So, try to exchange healthy conversations with your partner and figure out the solution.

Do not involve a third party. Relationship is between two people only. The interference of a third person can spoil things very badly. Whatever the reason is, it is always advised to keep the fight and argument between the two partners. There is no such third person who will be able to understand or support you other than your own partner.

Always forgive and apologise to each other after solving the issue. Take out some time for each other and hang out in a happy place. Spending time together will make you forget the past arguments and make your bond even more strong.

Relationships are not easy to handle but are definitely worth the hardships. No matter how much you fight or how many hurdles you have to cross, in the end you know that your partner is the one you want be with for the rest of your life!

How does the coronavirus effects couple and their relationships?

How does the coronavirus effects couple and their relationships

The common place in a relationship is that the coronavirus lockdown has ushered in a syndication of grief for many due to the dramatic changes to our daily lives. Meanwhile, our defensive means of survival — hanging out with friends, shopping and spending, exercising at the gym — have been snatched away from us.

The lockdown has led to changes in the bonding level as well as the relationship roles. Perhaps one partner has out of the blue become the primary care assistant for the children from home to school and another has become the sole wage earner because their partner is redundant. Conflict can surface or intensify when couples don’t have control over their mutual correspondence and compatibility.

How do these issues affect couples in this lockdown period?

Couples who live apart in different places independently have perhaps been in a better position to manage social distancing because their relationship, in terms of the responsibilities and the amount of time they meet, hasn’t considerably changed as much as the couples who see each other all the time. The couples living apart already have some strategies, tactics and negotiation techniques prepared to handle and supervise the same.

Long-distance couples don’t have the opportunity to perhaps rely on each other or develop a tactile sensation that couples who live together do. Couples should know about co-regulation and mindfulness. There are ways that your partner physiologically reads your inner emotions and their body physiologically addresses to you.

What are some strategies couples can use to assuages conflicts during self-isolation? 

The foremost thing you have to do is to identify whether your problem is at high risk in present or not. The second thing we have to work on is anxiety abatement. This is about your individual restlessness and thinking. Instead of just outrunning that, feel and accept it. Understand that this sense of tenseness has an impact on your interaction with people. It’s also essential to notice if one partner wants more attention during this exhausting and tough time. Try and create intimacy and improve communication. Concerning the improvement of sexual connection, instead of expecting super huge moments, take that interaction down to something soft and subdued throughout the day. Just take long walks holding hands or sitting next to each other the entire day. Capture some non-working time to spend with each other, even if that just means spending an hour watching a movie or listening to music. It’s a constant physical connection rather than emphasising on bigger moments.

Above all else try to be tolerant, benevolent and kind to each other during this extremely crucial time. It’s easy to burst out our anguish and frustrations on the people very dear to us, and even easier when you’re confined together in close quarters for long duration of time. By taking a while and following steps to invest in your emotional health and comfort, both as individuals as well as a couple, you can ride out this storm together.

4 Ways to have a healthy relationship

healthy relationship

This time we are back with the exciting topic , “How to build a healthy relationship?”

Relationships is like an anatomy that can help build progressive if you understand the way to acknowledge your partner. If you acknowledge nature of your partner, then you can ease out well with relationship in your life.

So, Let’s discuss these 4 majestic points to build a healthy relationship.

Understanding each other

Getting attracted towards someone, is quite agnostic and easy. Though it is not good to plan in relationship, but to plan things out that can build up a healthy relationship is better. Let us understand this which a situation:

You go out with your partner, for a movie and the person sitting right next to her constantly stares at her and try to flirt with her, you ignore the situation and change the topic, she felts bad as you didn’t lived up to her expectations of reverting that particular person or you didn’t even felt jealous. Let us understand the scenario from both perspective:

A guy thought to keep relationship quite mature and practical and instead of paying heed to such creepy features trusted his girl and tried to avoid the situation. There could be multiple factors like he could have thought to not to react at the current scenario understanding the privacy and safety of the girl.

Similarly, at the other end, girl being possessive in nature considered this attitude as a way to show your no-concern regarding her. With this thought, she multiplied her own assumption and considered you fake, feared or anything.

Eventually, such type of misunderstanding lead to tough time for both the partner. So, the lesson is to acknowledge the nature of your partner and work accordingly. Try to be practical or possessive depending upon the situation.

Ease out the flames of romance more often

If you have developed a good understanding, the other thing that can help you develop a beautiful relationship is “Romance” possessed between two couple. You need to ignite the flames of romance between both of you with time to strengthen your bond.

Let us understand this with an anecdote:

The cringy stuff possessed by the people cannot be versed as romance. The great intact possessed between the couples could be one. It is good to have romantic talks, late-night walks, a date in a month. Get some time showing your possession towards your partner, valuing their efforts in your life. Make them feel the best you could.

Share your life goals with your partner

Be passionate and admired towards your goal and deploy something that you too can work all-together. As per the researchers, the partners who share their work together they have a better understand and is able to maintain the work-life balance. Involving your partner in your goals give them sense of care, concern and belongingness towards you.

It is quite important and analogous, if you share your goals with your partner would help you for sure in long run. With this attitude, you could make them believe that you trust their decision and their contribution values to your life.

Gravity towards the emotional sensitivity

Don’t be an emotional fool in a relationship, rather than try to be much more improvised and caring towards your partner life. There has been wise saying, “ The one who doesn’t show gravity towards their partner’s life, sooner experience quirky eyes”.

Do care about each other’s emotion, be so well-versed that you understand each other’s point of view. This type of connectivity would help you in long run.

With this, we are signing off from today’s drill, would meet you back again with more exciting to discuss with you all.

Have a happy and a healthy relationship. Love is majestic, happens only once.