How to deal with relationship fights?

Relationships are like an unending support from the person you love the most. It makes you feel alive and helps you in getting through any hurdle or obstacle easily. It is a connection where without even uttering a single word, you manage to interpret everything. You have that one partner who understands you no matter what and manages to make you smile at your lowest moments. That unbreakable bond is always by your side to make sure that you are doing fine and keeping well.


But at times, this bond which is your life saver needs a life saver itself. There are times when you have to face some hardships in your relationship with your partner. For a while, things do not flow in your favourable direction. Certain moments make it difficult for you to be understanding and supportive. Your relationship encounters dull and low phases where you and your partner indulge into fights and arguments leading to chaos, muddle and mess.


At this point, it is essential to keep hold on things very wisely. This will be the lasting test of your relationship. The way you handle this phase will decide whether your relationship can overcome these hardships or not. It can either be a breaking point or making point for your relationship.


Now the question arises: How to deal with these hardships so as to get past them?


Firstly, calm down and identify the origin of the problem. Instead of discussing stupid stuff and extending the fight try to focus on what the problem is and how did it begin.

Playing blame games with each other is a waste. Try to accept that there is a fifty percent chance that you might be at fault. Even if you are not, do not directly blame it on your partner. Try to make him or her understand with patience.

Communication in such situations can do wonders. People who openly communicate their feelings during hard times go a long way together. So, try to exchange healthy conversations with your partner and figure out the solution.

Do not involve a third party. Relationship is between two people only. The interference of a third person can spoil things very badly. Whatever the reason is, it is always advised to keep the fight and argument between the two partners. There is no such third person who will be able to understand or support you other than your own partner.

Always forgive and apologise to each other after solving the issue. Take out some time for each other and hang out in a happy place. Spending time together will make you forget the past arguments and make your bond even more strong.

Relationships are not easy to handle but are definitely worth the hardships. No matter how much you fight or how many hurdles you have to cross, in the end you know that your partner is the one you want be with for the rest of your life!

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