How to balance love and career?

love and career

The two most important things in one’s life is Love and Career. One feeds the soul and the other feeds the stomach. But the main question arises: Which one is more important? To whom we should dedicate more of our time? Which one is worth the most attention in our lives?

The answer to this is BALANCE. Both these things will run on the right track only if we give equal time and attention. Love and Career demand a balance in life in order to work out every aspect smoothly and happily.

Carrying out this essential task is not as simple as it sounds. There are complications and times when things do not go the way we actually want them to. At times there are hard times in your work or career life and because of that it is difficult to concentrate more on your partner. Similarly, there may be some hardships or intricacies in your relationship which affects your working schedule and performance.

In order to overcome these problems and hurdles one must know how to balance things in their love life and work life. With great experience in this field, I have mentioned below the ways in which you can create an equilibrium between the two most essential parts of your life.

First and foremost, it is of immense concern to encourage communication even if both of you are busy with your daily routines. Communication is the key to a flourishing relationship. If you are in a habit of sharing your problems with your partner, then figuring out a solution for the same becomes a lot easier.

It is advised to spend time with each other despite the busy working schedules. If you are occupied with work, talk it down with your partner and carve out a mutual free time to stay with each other and have a good time.

Try to accept that sacrifices and compromises are a part of relationships. At times work requires more focus, thus you have to cancel dates, avoid lovely conversations, stay up late at night. Thus, you have to make a compromise from your love life for your work. Similarly, at times your partner needs you more than your work. If he or she is sick, going through a mental trauma or is expecting you to be there for them, then you should sacrifice your work stuff in order to concentrate on your partner. It works both ways and you have to analyse the importance according to the demand of the situation.

Showing unconditional support towards your partner, their emotions and work is something that every relationship demands. Every one requires appreciation and a sense of understanding for their feelings and situations that are not in control. Last but not the least, forgiveness and the initiation to apologise for mistakes and things that were done in appropriately does wonders in a relationship.

Trust my advice and experience a healthful and blooming relationship with your partner.

How can Christmas sparkle your love life?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Christmas, the merry-making festival, is not just about kids, delicious candies, and Santa Claus. It is one of the most romantic heart-warming festivals of the year. Showering gifts has been the most treasured lore during Christmas. But sending those little romantic messages to your loved ones is something that brings the spark alive. It’s a great way to express that you truly feel the spirit of the season and that you remember your special person on such a momentous occasion.

This holiday cheer is the spirit of love and generosity. It enlightens the picture window of the soul, makes us look out upon the world’s busy life, and reminds us to become more interested in people than in things. It is a tonic to many souls that pushes us to think for our loved ones before ourselves.

Christmas is the time of the year where you get to see all the festive bright lights and the romantic décor as well. It is extremely heartening to take passionate walks along with your dear soulmate who makes you look through those rose-tinted glasses. All couples seem to have dressed up in their best ways just to bring glory in their partner’s eyes. You get to see love birds chirping around in such beautiful weather along with tall shiny Christmas trees. Romantic dinners, hand in hand ice skating, beautiful vibrant theme parks, Christmas shopping, and just love all in the air.

But my friend, if you are a single soul searching for your pretty partner, then this might be the perfect timing. Christmas guarantees you to turn you from a normal and rational human to someone who feels the urge of a bae. You must tempt fate and visit Christmas markets or events. The vibe, booze, and the infinite number of people you’ll meet may give you a chance to flicker a Christmas romance. This is the golden time where you are so probable of ending your long-lasting search for a soulmate and you get the opportunity of vibing with your partner.

It does not have to be that bad without a partner though. As they say, self-love is the king of all sorts of love. Christmas can also be about enjoying your own company and being nice to yourselves. Giving time and space to oneself increases the bond of love that will make you a better person.

This feast day is all about possessing a jovial, blissful, and joyous heart. It is the season of love with oneself or your soulmate. It is about giving all sorts of happiness all around and putting smiles on every person you see or meet. Spreading positivity and delight is the best Christmas gift you can ever give.

This festival is indeed the most special one as everyone’s hearts become content with the tenderness of companionship. Couples and single souls have their holidays mapped out wonderfully. But for those who decided to give holiday dating luck, your Christmas is destined to get exciting. And if you want a surer way to connect with people, dating and matchmaking sites are just one signup away. So, catch a whiff of the merry scent of Christmas and get all enthusiastic.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

8 Tips: If you want to work-out From Home

8 Tips: If you want to work-out From Home

1)  Decide.

You will always have a justification to avoid something. But if you want something you will do it with all your heart. Make a firm decision for yourself and stick to it. Working out relieves plenty of stress, cheers mood, and overall mental health.

2) Take baby steps.

Hold your horses. Do not take big steps in the beginning. This means walking or doing less energetic workouts. Be gentle on your body at first and then gradually add in heavier weights, longer workouts, more speed, etc. This is good for framing a routine as well as injury prevention.

3) Find what works for you.

What advantages someone else might not advantage for you. Find a movement that suits you and start just right from there. There are plenty of ways to move your body and get a fit and great workout. Try out exciting things and pick what satisfies you.

4) Hold yourself accountable.

Once you have decided to indulge deeper into your fitness, you’ve got to keep yourself responsible for the outcomes. It’s easy to lose grip on your goals and when you feel that happening, it helps to have someone there to bring you back on track.

5)  Define your success.

Set up a space in your home that you can entirely devote to your workouts. A place that’s big enough to fit a yoga mat will surely suffice. Choose a time of day to work out and let it be known to every single person around you that this is your workout time.

6) Change your workout ways regularly.

It can get pretty tedious and annoying to do the same kind of workout time and again, even if you are comfortable doing it. It’s nice to switch things up and try on thrilling ones when this happens, plus it’s healthy for your body. If you aren’t physically active for a long time, begin with a walk around the block or a short hike. Since we are restricted with where we can work out from, changing your scenery will be an amazing experience.

7) Give yourself some grace.

It is easy to get entangled in the numbers when it comes to fitness. Move your mindset so that you are foreseeing movement as medicine and fuel for your body as well as mind. It’s going to take a few days before you see your hard work and sweat bear fruit.

8) Celebrate your triumphs.

No matter how tiny they are, always celebrate your wins. Take a moment to give credit to yourself and acknowledge how far you have come. This is a motivating factor that will trigger you to keep performing the hard work and will assist you in achieving great milestones.

Beginning or rebooting your fitness routine can be intimidating, menacing, and also a little fearsome. But to achieve a fit and healthy body it is supremely advised to follow the above mention tips and work out to calm your mind. It will ultimately inculcate the peace one has ever wanted!

Meet your Soulmate through Online Date

Muslim online dating app

A sudden thought of dismal and regret comes in our mind if we had a bad experience in terms of dating and we never think of doing the same.

And for the same reason if you have put your dating on hold then let me tell you to continue reading as we have brought an ultimate solution to your problem!  We can assure you of an amazing online dating experience on our online dating platform even during this quarantine.

It’s time to get yourself plugged into the digital world of dating along with us as to greet someone nowadays at a coffee shop is not safe.

Spouslr offers you the next best thing–Here’s how to take advantage of our new and improved platform to date online during the quarantine

Spouslr dating app is an online dating app for Muslims. Based on the market analysis our application has been recognized as Best Arab & Muslim Dating app.

The product completely stands out in the market due to the following features:

Leave Voice Notes

Love conspires a bond nurtured with genuine feelings. So, to create genuine connections, we have come up with voice memos, phone calls, and videos as well! All you need is to woo the person with your charming personality that you hold!

Plan a Virtual Dinner Date

Are you struggling to plan a date for your partner?

I know what you are going through, I’ve been there.

I struggled for years until I just got to know about Virtual Dinner Date.

And then, things became easy for me.

Just forget the last time you brushed your hair or got dolled up. Ditch the onesie, dust off the Cheeto stains from your fingers, and have a virtual dinner date with your new bae. All you need is your favorite bottle of wine, a candle, and an open heart to make your partner feel special.

Will you find the love of your life through Spouslr?

Well, we can’t assure you that.

But If you want to create your own fairy tale with another person, then you need to ditch any tendencies for which the other person can judge you.

Okay, so maybe fairy tales sound a bit dicey, but it’s true that you are more likely to find deep and long-lasting connections by allowing yourself to be vulnerable and trusting the process of online dating.

Have Fun!

We agree online dating apps won’t be as effective as meeting the person physically. But this quarantine all you can do is to solidify your connection with the particular person before meeting with a help of an online dating platform, thereby making your physical connection even sweeter.

So, go have fun!

Who knows, you get a chance to meet your quarantine cutie 😊

Best Arab & Muslims Dating AppThe app can be preferred as a Muslim online dating app or Best Single Muslim Dating App as it can let you meet thousands of your Muslim folks ready to find a partner for them.

When dating online how to move ahead from the initial ‘communication’ Phase


The infamous “communication” phase. That weird in-between stage where you haven’t spent much time in person but continue to grow closer through text, call, video, and the occasional hangout. But, you’re not quite dating yet.
In another time, the communication phase was referred to as courting.

But what happens when the communication phase seems to drag on with no forward motion? If you’re interested in chatting with purpose, here are a few ways to graduate out of the communication phase and into one more substantial.

The communication stage can last months and even years if you don’t establish what you’re looking for. Being open and finding someone willing to be as honest as you are is the key to having your needs met.

“I want to make this official”
“Are we dating?”
“Can we be exclusive”

These are great ways to start the conversation. Ultimately, you’re letting someone know that you have seen enough and experienced them enough to know that you want more. If they aren’t on the same page, you will have saved your time and emotions. Naturally, you could continue to wait it out or move on to someone looking for the same level of commitment as you.

If you don’t prefer to wait until you’re getting to know someone, there is nothing wrong with sharing your intentions right away. Are you looking for a travel buddy, cuddle buddy, a relationship, marriage? Hey, doesn’t hurt to make it known right off the bat.

Avoid Small Talk

If you are seeking for more you have to give more. That means deeper conversations, meaningful dates, and recognizing whether you and your crush are compatible on a more meaningful level.

The last thing you want to do is rush out of the communication stage and into a relationship without really knowing who they are or if this is what you actually want.

Seek companionship not Relationship

Ask the real questions, offer in-depth answers, when it’s right–the next phase of your courting experience will come easier than you think. Find out what their life goals are, what they believe in, political perspectives, and whether or not they want children. Before you ask for their hand in dating, learn as much as possible.

Make The First Move

A lot of us get stuck in the communication phase because we want the other person to take the initiative. This is an ineffective and unfulfilling way to achieve anything in a relationship. Put on your big girl or big boy pants and go for what you want. Chances are, they’re waiting for you to.

Here’s How to Improve Your Chances at Long Distance Relationship

Dating App

In this age where online dating apps have become a part of the day-to-day routine, long-distance relationships have also faced a gradual increase since online dating platforms consists of a wide pool of people from all over the globe. So there is a high chance of meeting all sorts of people even the ones that are miles away from you although on the other hand there are dating applications like Spouslr that helps you find people with the same religious background as yourself (i.e Muslims) and you can pick someone out of your local community as well.

As now we live in a technology-driven world, gone are the days when long-distance relationships were difficult, these days you have instant messages, video calls and all sorts of applications to help to make your relationship work. However, ask anyone who’s in a long-distance relationship: Technology can’t make up for everything. The lack of regular physical proximity still seems to make many long-distance relationships as emotionally tough as ever.

Getting into one is easier but maintaining a long-distance relationship is not a piece of cake. It can increase the level of stress and anxiety, especially in tough situations. But you can definitely make your long-distance relationship work if you are actually willing to put in the required amount of energy and effort. So, to help you with this, we have listed out some of the most successful tried and tested tips for you.

Focus on Quality Communication

Interestingly enough, some research shows that long-distance couples are actually more satisfied with their communication than geographically close couples. This may be because they realize how valuable are their communication opportunities and time. However, if you are in a long-distance relationship you need to realize that you do not have the benefit of facial expression or physical touch and therefore, sometimes you will need to be a little more deliberate in the words you use. Make sure you understand the importance of intimacy building conversations no matter how many states or countries separates you.

Trust One Another

Trust is one of the most important factors in making any relationship last.

Can you count on your partner? Are they there for the phone call when they said they’d be? Do they stick to the plans you’ve made to fly out to see each other? Do they routinely push back the date, because “they got too busy”? Do they remember what’s important to you and listen in ways that make you feel heard and understood?

It is important to remember that trust is not just about the infidelity but also several little things that contribute to building up a strong relationship. All of these questions can apply to yourself as well, of course. Are you being the partner that you are worthy of having?

Don’t Put Your Life on Hold

There is no doubt about it: Long-distance relationships require some sacrifice but it’s important to be careful not to sacrifice more than it is necessary.  Make sure that you are trying your best to make the most of your life and not just waiting for both of you to see each other again. Live each day fully, whether your partner is present or not. Added bonus? It will make the time apart go faster.

Set Your Expectations and Prioritise Straight

When two people from different cultural backgrounds start their journey together as a couple, they have different opinions about a lot of things. So in order to gain a better understanding and save yourself from future headaches, it is important to discuss and set clear expectations of what is appropriate according to both you and your partner. Having a clearer conversation on even the smallest of things can bring a lot of clarity and peace in your relationship.

Don’t Just Depend on Technology

Many long-distance couples may believe that Facetime, video-conferencing, texting, and all the other technological advances are their silver lining since they have made it so much easier for them to stay in real-time contact with their loved one. But let’s not underestimate the joy of receiving something tangible from them, be it a funny postcard, an unexpected gift, or a delivery of your favourite candy. Also, it is always better to have something physical that reminds you of your partner.

Surprise Each Other

Surprising does not always mean spending a lot of money on your loved one, I mean there is nothing wrong with it but what actually matters is doing the smallest of things that bring in the most amount of happiness. This may be sending a handmade card for him or leaving a note under his pillow after you leave or just sending an unexpected romantic text would be a great idea too. Making each other feel special is what maintains chemistry and a spark in any relationship.


How Dating Apps have Reformed Relationships in the Current Era?

online dating platform

From giving you the chance to ‘be yourself’ to opening up to a world full of new opportunities, dating online offers a number of perks that are harder to come by when meeting people through traditional means. Dating sites allow you to get to know someone better before actually coming into contact with them. Most of them will allow you to view different user’s interests and hobbies before you even begin talking with them. And due to these little packets of benefits, online dating has now become something that falls into our day-to-day routine.

I am not suggesting the fact that online dating apps are the ultimate way to find your true and rightful relationship partner. But yes, there are a number of advantages that come when you opt for online dating apps and sites. One such app is Spouslr, if you are single, Musim and looking for your better half then Spouslr is just meant for you since it is the best online dating platform for single Muslims.

In this blog, I’ve tried to cover some main benefits of online dating but do remember there is always more. So here are some hands-on advantages to online dating.

Decide Your Own Pace

If you haven’t been out for dates in a long time, online dating lets you pick the pace that works best for you. There is no specific time restraint when it comes to online dating and you have the option to swipe yes from the comfort of your home. It has been reported that a large portion of people are now going forward with the online dating platform as they are time efficient in comparison to the traditional dating approach.

Meet People Out of Your Inner Circle

Without online dating apps, meeting someone outside your social circle or local community is a challenge. The majority of couples have either met in their young years (usually school) or at a local community event. This complicated and boring dating approach can now be simply replaced with online dating applications, all you have to do is a few taps on the screen of your smartphone and you might end up with your future partner on the screen (not from your local community, obviously).

Be as Much Picky as You Want

Online dating puts you firmly in the driving seat when it comes to establishing a new relationship. You decide who you like and who you’d like to get in contact with. You will find plenty of people you can connect with, which means you get to be as picky as you wish.

No Awkward First Dates

There is nothing worse than an awkward first date with awkward silences. Online dating sites allow you to view someone’s profile and have a casual conversation with them. You do not have to worry about awkward silences since it is not face-to-face and generally is carried out using instant messenger. You can say whatever comes to your mind and have fun getting to know people.

Definitely Cheaper

Choosing more carefully who you go out with means less wasted dates. You will save money by going on fewer dates and which will further give you the possibility to spend it better on the dates that are actually worth it.

My final verdict would be, when used carefully these apps can turn out to be very helpful in boosting your love life.

Some Healthy Habits that Doesn’t Fit Our Narrative of an “Ideal Relationship”

online dating platform

Salaam and Welcome to Spouslr, one of the best online dating platform for single Muslims that not just kick starts your journey towards finding your better half but also helps in building and nurturing of a healthy relationship through these little hacks and anecdotes. However, I didn’t want to write yet another “learn to communicate and watch sunsets together” type post. Honestly, those posts are a bit boring. If you love your partner, you shouldn’t have to be told these things instead it should come automatically. Isn’t that right?

Best Arab & Muslims Dating App

So yes, I wanted to write something different. I wanted to write about issues that are important in relationships but are harder to face–things like the role of fighting, hurting each other’s feelings, dealing with dissatisfaction, or feeling the occasional attraction for other people. In this blog, I will talk about all the healthy relationship habits which most people think are toxic.

Unresolved Conflicts

The idea that couples must communicate and resolve all of their problems is a myth.

In a research of thousands of happily married couples, some of whom have been married for forty-plus years, it was found that most successful couples have persistent unresolved issues, issues that they’ve sometimes been fighting for almost a decade. Meanwhile, many of the unsuccessful couples insisted on resolving and thus, fucking everything up because they believed that there should never be a disagreement between them.

Successful couples accept and understand that some conflicts are inevitable, that there will always be certain things they don’t like about their partner or things they don’t agree with and it is fine. You shouldn’t feel the need to change somebody in order to love them and more importantly you shouldn’t let some disagreements get in the way of a happy and healthy relationship.

Hurting Each Other’s Feelings

When our highest priority in a relationship is to always make ourselves feel good or to always make our partner feel good, then more often than not nobody ends up feeling good. And our relationship falls apart without us even knowing it. If you feel smothered and want some time alone, you should be capable of saying that without blaming your partner and they need to be capable of hearing it without blaming you, despite the unpleasant feelings it may cause.

Hurting Each Other's Feelings

It’s important to set out your priorities straight in a relationship than merely making each other feel good all of the time. The cuddles and sunsets– happen when you get the important stuff figured out: values, needs and trust.

Willingness To End It

Romantic sacrifice has been idealized in our culture. Almost every romantic movie is bound to feature a desperate and needy character who treats themselves like shit for the sake of being in love with someone. The truth to be told our standards of a “successful relationship” are pretty screwed up. It’s this irrational idealization that leads people to stay with partners who treat them like shit, to give up on their own needs and identities, to suppress their own pain and suffering in the name of maintaining a relationship.

Sometimes the only thing that can make a relationship successful is ending it at the necessary time before it becomes too damaging. And the willingness to do that allows us to establish the necessary boundaries to help ourselves and our partner grow together.

Attracted To Someone Other Than Your Partner

The truth is, not only are we capable of finding multiple people attractive and interesting at the same time, it’s a biological inevitability but what isn’t inevitable is our decision to act on the attraction or not. Most of us, most of the time, choose to not act on those feelings. And like waves, they pass through us and leave us with our partner very much the same way they found us.

Looking at attractive people is pleasurable. Speaking to attractive people is pleasurable. Thinking about attractive people is pleasurable. While it is okay to appreciate the attention or even flirtation, the experience will only strengthen your commitment because attractiveness is everywhere; real intimacy is not. When we commit to a person, we are not committing our thoughts, feelings or perceptions to them. We can’t control our thoughts, feelings, and perceptions most of the time, so how could we ever make that commitment?

However, What we can control are our actions. And what we commit to that special person are those actions.

Taking Your Space and Time

When we fall in love with someone we develop irrational beliefs and desires. One of these desires is to allow our lives to be consumed by the person with whom we’re infatuated. This feels great but the problem with allowing your identity to be consumed by a romantic relationship is that as you change to be closer to the person you love, you cease to be the person they fell in love with in the first place.

online dating platform

It’s important to occasionally get some distance from your partner, assert your independence, maintain some hobbies or interests that are yours alone. Have some separate friends; take an occasional trip somewhere by yourself; remember what made you you and what drew you to your partner in the first place.

Embracing Each Other’s Flaws

The most accurate metric for your love of somebody is how you feel about their flaws. If you accept them and even adore some of their shortcomings — her obsessive cleanliness, his awkward social ticks — and they can accept and even adore some of your shortcomings, well, that’s a sign of true intimacy.

It may be our perfections that attract one another in the first place. But it’s our imperfections that decide whether or not we stay together.

Have had a number of failed relationships and couldn’t figure out what went wrong? I guess you do now. Give yourself another chance at finding love with the help of the best online dating app for Muslims.

Spouslr: For all the Single Muslims out there looking for Love

Online dating app for muslim

If you are single and looking for your better half, Spouslr is the perfect place to start. Spouslr places the power in your hands and helps you connect with like-minded singles in the UK. You can start dating Single Muslims in your area, or from across the UK, and thanks to our unique algorithm which ensures that you’ll be matched with the person who shares more than just your religion.

It’s time to find yourself a long-lasting fairytale kind of love story.

What is so Different about Spouslr?

Here at Spouslr, we understand that finding a partner who shares the same religious values as yourself can be a daunting process, which is why we help you find your perfect guy/girl. We match you with Muslims who share your core values, as we know that it’s these beliefs that provide the solid foundations to a happy relationship.

Muslim online dating app

Furthermore, unlike other free Muslim online dating sites, Spouslr doesn’t make you spend hours scrolling through profiles of single Muslims, searching for that special someone. Instead, we send you a carefully selected batch of matches every day, specially tailored according to you and thus, saving a lot of your time.

A Small Walkthrough to make you Intimate with How Spouslr Helps you Find your Better Half

As soon as you’ve completed the Sign-Up process you will find some recommended matches on your profile, and if you find someone who catches your eye, then there are two ways that you can kick-start the conversation.

The first way is a “Guided Communication”, it is a great way to break the ice with your fellow single Muslims online, you can simply use a series of questions specially designed to help you know more about the other person and also, you can look out for traits you’re hoping to find in a long-term partner, like whether they are adventurous traveller, a movie person or a book person, what kind of music they enjoy or if they are a contented homebody.

After this guided communication, if both of you connect on some level or are still on the same page, then you can direct message your match through the Spouslr Texting/Messaging feature. It is safe, secure and doesn’t reveal any personal details about you – plus, if you end up with someone who doesn’t give you butterflies immediately and thus, resulting in a change of your mind you can just reject those matches.

Best Arab & Muslims Dating App

I think that’s quite a lot to make you believe that Spouslr is the best online dating app for single Muslims. So what are you still waiting for? Join Spouslr today to take the first step towards finding a long-lasting love story and joy in your journey towards your Shaadi.

Someone out there is looking for someone just like you.