Spouslr is the best Arab and Muslim dating app. If you are the person who still believes in the story of fairy tales and is somewhere believes thatyour soulmate is waiting for you, then Spouslr is theright application for you. It’s specially designed for Single Muslims who are interested to date someone in theircommunity. We can help you get your match based on your interest, and give you a chance to communicate with them and eventually go on a date to know them more.

Muslim Dating App

Masooma, 24


  • Doctor
  • Sunni
  • London

Adara, 23


  • Teacher
  • Siya
  • Manchester

Aasif, 24


  • Manager
  • Sunni
  • London

Azra, 32

Essex (county)

  • Advocate
  • Siya
  • Essex

Husain, 29


  • Journalist
  • Sunni
  • Halton

Duha, 35


  • Manager
  • Sunni
  • Nigerian

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