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Welcome to Spouslr, the new and exciting platform for single Muslims.

Mariam  is a Muslim who has all the qualities of a strong and independent person. She wants to be in control of her important life decisions. She faces so many challenges with her family, her community and her core values.

With Spouslr, we provide Mariam with the platform to find her ideal partner whilst remaining true to her values and we‘ve added meaningful features that will help her with the challenges that lie ahead.

Unlike other apps, we developed this platform Spouslr to help single Muslims find love and happiness through meaningful connections of marriage,

At Spouslr we give the singles an opportunity to express their interests, backgrounds, hobbies and with the swipe of a screen, they instantly come across potential matches.

Start your journey to a meaningful relationship now.

Our Features

Match Based on Your Interests

Spouslr gives you the oppurtunity to find people who share the same interests as you.

Voice Calls & Video Calls

Spouslr gives you this amazing feature where you can make a voice call or video call directly from the Spouslr platform. Because we want our users to have a complete experience and it means you can do this without actually sharing your contact number.


This feature is somewhat common in some social media apps but on a platform like this ? That is something new. With Spouslr you can upload pictures and short videos (commonly known as stories) of up to 15 seconds.

Fun & Expressive Messaging

Messaging is the foremost step of communicating with someone new and is an essential feature. However, there are a few add-ons like GIF’s and Emoji’s to make your messaging experience more fun.

Photo privacy

We understand that our users come from all backgrounds and we want to cater for you all. So we’ve had added a photo privacy feature. And we’ve made it trendy .

Set your preferences

Spouslr also gives you this amazing feature. You can choose the type of potential matches you want to see. We value your time and want our users to have a great experience.


Irrespective of who you are and what you’re looking for, Spouslr helps you find just “The One” for you.


Price Plans

Choose the plan that’s right for you and start your Spouslr journey today.
Downgrade or Upgrade at any time.

1 Month


  • 67p per day
  • Billed as £19.95 for 30 days
  • Save a massive 33%

3 Months


  • 45p per day
  • Billed as £39.95 for 90 days
  • Save a massive 33%

6 Months


  • 37p per day
  • Billed as £64.95 for 180 days
  • Save a massive 46%

1 Year


  • 25p per day
  • Billed as £89.95 for 365 days
  • Save a massive 62%

Spouslr Blog

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